Day 2 Wahls Protocol (day 1 was yesterday, when I wrote "I'm such a hypocrite!")

Today I felt completely sapped of energy and strength.  Probably not because of eating healthier, but most likely because all the chocolate and sugar has worn off!  I spent most of the day sleeping.  Cheryl and Amber and Kaylee took care of the horses.  I wondered if I could stick to the diet.  I worried that without chocolate and sugar I would have no energy.  I had to remind myself that I am just recovering from many days of pushing myself with stimulants and sweets, and that after I recover, I will feel more energy.

I will also take more time to study the concepts and get the proportions correct.  Right now I am just eating what I know is not taboo.

This evening I began to feel a little better so I made a frozen fruit smoothie with coconut milk.  A real treat.  The rest of the day, I ate bananas or what other people fixed, and I slept most of the day.

2 responses to “Day 2 Wahls Protocol (day 1 was yesterday, when I wrote "I'm such a hypocrite!")”

  1. Oh, and the progress will be gradual, I started noticing some energy back after two weeks and it keeps on slowly building from there. You are healing your body each cell at a time. I am so excited for you!!!

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