The Vet Set Me Straight

I may have mentioned in a previous post that we are dealing with thrush in our horses hooves.  We had been using Blue Coat, a spray which contains Gentians Violet, and was recommended by our farrier.  After a month of fighting this fungus, I finally called the vet and asked what more we could do.

The message I left on the vet’s recorder, late one evening, stated all we had been doing, including providing a corral full of about 6 inch deep cedar hog fuel, topped with easy pick fine fir saw dust.  Also, keeping them in their stalls at night to let their feet dry well every day. Plus, we have been using Blue Coat daily after cleaning their hooves.

The vet called back the next morning and let me know that we are doing everything right except for using Blue Coat.  She said Blue Coat was not for thrush but for wounds.  She said we should use Thrush Buster, which we could buy over the counter.  I went and got some that day (yesterday).  When I got home I washed their hooves and covered them with little mesh booties I made so they would not get any debris up around the frog as their feet dried out, and kept them in their stalls, which had fresh straw on the floor, all day.  Later I took off the booties.  Their feet were so clean and dry, and I applied the Thrush Buster as directed.  I continued to keep them in their stalls overnight.  I will let you know how this works.  Thrush Buster is supposed to work with only one application.

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