Walking Merry-Go-Round

Yesterday, after we finished working on the barn for the day, I took Honey out for some much needed exercise.  I was just going to take her on a walk up and down the street with her halter on, but I had an idea.  I called Juliana out to see if she wanted to simply ride along, bareback, as I led Honey along.

“OK,” she said, so she came out and I helped her mount from standing on the raised pavers around the outdoor fire pit.

“How am I supposed to stay on?” she asked.

“Hold onto her mane,” I informed her, and grip with your knees.

When Honey walks along, being led by the halter, she is pretty docile.  Put someone on her back, however, and she is ready to GO!  Her walk is fast, but her foxtrot is even faster.  I could not keep up with her, and I couldn’t keep her at a slow pace without wearing myself out, so I let her go to the end of the lead rope, then let her circle around me.

Juliana got the hang of leaning into the circle whenever Honey got too far in front and had to circle around.  I had a ball watching Juliana smile and giggle as Honey friskily gaited along, happy to get out of the corral for a while.

We got to the end of the road and Juliana found herself slipping.  I had told her earlier that if she began to fall off, just slip on off easily.  She did so and landed on her feet.  I helped her remount and we headed for home.  Round and round Honey went, changing directions occasionally.  I had fun, Honey had fun, and Juliana had fun.  I felt like we were a walking merry-go-round.  Someone even videoed us as we went by.

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