My Horses : Honey is Ridden, But Bae Gets the Workout

Honey giving my grand nephew a ride.

Honey and Bae have different personalities when it comes to many things.  Leaving the other horses is a very different experience for each of them.  When Honey goes out with us, even to take the kids for a ride in the yard, Bae panics and whinnies and runs around the corral, non stop, until we put Honey back in with her.  She gets a harder workout than Honey!

Bae getting her workout in the corral.

When we take Bae out without Honey, Bae does not want to go.  She stands stubbornly as if to say, “No, I’m not going, and you can’t make me.”  I have been working on the steady pull on the lead rope until she moves her feet forward, even a step, and letting up on the pressure immediately when she comes forward, praising her.  She stops again and I repeat.  Over and over we go through this.  The method paid off, though, and we have been able to get her out to the street where we exercise her.

Last time we returned to the corral, Honey was calmly eating hay.  She had whinnied at first, but had calmed down pretty quickly.  Of course, I latched the gate this time so she wouldn’t escape again!


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