My Horses : Honey Escapes!

Yesterday, Juliana took Bay out for a ride because Honey’s right front foot was a little tender due to a thrush infection.  Cheryl walked along with Mairsiedotes, for the exercise, and I followed.  We went out to the field at the end of the street and explored a little.  As we started for home, I got a phone call from my daughter Melanie who was visiting us with her children, “Honey got out!  She’s at Penny’s house,” was her frantic report.

Penny is our neighbor at the end of the street, by the fields.  She has two Tennessee Walking Horses who have whinnied to our horses as we have ridden by.

I took off running.  My grown son Matthew was entering the yard where Honey was reported to have gone.  She was there, touching noses with the two Walkers, geldings, sweet gentlemen.  Matthew and I approached slowly and she allowed herself to be caught.

Honey had pulled the unlatched gate open, I heard, and let herself out.  The gate stays shut because it is a tight fit, and it is difficult to latch, so I left it pulled tight but not latched.  Now I know better.

Jessie, my nephew’s wife, said Honey opened the gate, stood there awkwardly at first, as if to say, “Am I really out here?  What do I do now?”  Then she began trotting across the yard.  She was on a mission now, to find her herd.  The children scattered as she whinnied and took off.

I guess Mairsiedotes is not the only smarty pants among the horses here.  I won’t underestimate any of them again.

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