Our Mustang Rescue Project : Part 7 – She’s Here!


We were working up to the last minute on the stall door when Mairsiedotes arrived at about 3 pm today.  Denise unloaded her from the trailer.


She seemed curious about everything, sniffing and looking around as Denise led her to our back yard.  Once in the corral, Denise had Cheryl lead her around a bit and gave them a chance to get used to each other in Mairsiedotes’s new surroundings.


Mairsiedotes seemed satisfied and began grazing.  I brought in a spray hose to spray away some cement dust, and that was interesting to her.  She came closer and watched and then I sprayed in other areas because she liked the wet grass for grazing.



Ryan brought a big bucket for her water to go into.  He filled it about half full and she drank most of it, so he filled it again.

Mairsiedotes is such a pretty little filly.  I think we will call her Princess Mairsiedotes!

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