Spirit of the Master Painter

“Out of the storm”, an oil on canvas I painted in Florida.

Last night I dreamed I walked into a silk painting studio and was in awe of all the beautiful paintings fluttering from drying racks.  I spoke to a young woman who was painting and found she had recently just graduated from the school. I followed her around and watched what she was doing. Though I thought her work was beautiful, she considered herself a beginner.

An older woman, who had been in the background, started asking me questions about my impressions. I was so touched by the beauty of the paintings that I was weeping and I expressed as much. I watched her work on a new painting and realized she was a master painter. She mentioned the name of a master painter who did much of the work there, as if the master painter were not she, but I knew she was the master painter.  Sadly, I cannot remember the name. I listened to her every word and did my best to understand everything she said to me.

She suggested I try painting on one of the large, color faded silks that was hanging among others. I painted a tiny little half-moon of dots that encircled a babies head.  Then the baby’s head disappeared, leaving only the dots, which I saw represented the baby.  I was afraid to go any farther on the large silk piece.

She approached and suggested that I paint a portrait of myself.  I felt she meant to paint the essence of who I am. Many possibilities opened up to me and I was thrilled and scared at the same time. I was afraid of making a mistake yet I wanted to try.

She said, “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. It takes 1000 paintings to become a master.”

I felt as much reverence and love for her as I do my teacher at Tracker school. It felt as though my heart where bare and she was lovingly encouraging me.

As I work on my new art studio, I am more excited than ever.

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