The Medical Medium Diet : On Vacation

I am on vacation and so is my diet.

My 9 children, and the families of the married ones, have converged from across the country to be together for a 10 day family reunion, which started on July 1st.  We are having a ball with all the planned activities, and we are on the go every day.  I am finding it difficult to impossible to stick to the very wonderful medical medium diet while all this is going on.  I usually get plenty of rest and have a very home based life, but not so when we are going from one place to another and I am using a lot of energy.  My imperfection shows mightly as I graze on the delicious food being offered up for the group, and completely disregard the restrictions of the medical medium diet.

I had to take a nap today for the first time since I started because the food I ate made me feel sleepy.  I also had to get some medicine for a health flare up which has not given me much trouble since I started the diet, until last night after eating “normal” food for two days.  These two symptoms are obvious indicators that the medical medium diet is helpful to me when I am strictly sticking to the prescribed fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds.

I forgive myself, however, and am really enjoying eating the foods I have been avoiding.  I will get back to my diet when everything has calmed down.

I weighed 160 on July 1st.  A 15 pound loss from when I started this diet on May 18th.  We’ll see what happens when I take a vacation from the diet.

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