The Medical Medium Diet : Day 6,7,and 8

Day 6 — I weighed 171 pounds

Day 7 — I weighed 169 pounds

Day 8 — I weighed 169 pounds again.

I may have shifted to the starvation mode because I know I am not eating many calories.  Makes me think how much food we eat that we don’t really “need”.  I am resting a lot, however, and maybe I am just not burning many calories.

We had a party yesterday, with extended family over, at our house, to celebrate a visit from my husband John.  Food was good and flowing . . . but I didn’t eat the regular fare . . . stuck to my smoothie and nuts.

I’ve been having headaches every day, which started May 7th and have continued.  May 7th was a week and a half before I started this diet.  I know the headaches were probably brought on my stress and me over doing it, and I have a history of headaches in my life, but the constancy of these every day, sometimes more than once a day, is what prompted me to get serious about trying the suggestions in “Medical Medium”.  Several chapters describe by symptoms, and I am beginning to think these mysterious illnesses: Hashimoto’s disease, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Hypoglycemia, Adrenal fatigue, Lyme’s disease, and others, are very similar.

I’ve been on the diet one week now, and I am still having headaches and am feeling exhausted off and on, between bursts of energy.  I intend to give the diet at least three months to see if I am starting to feel any better, though to be completely healed, I may have to continue the diet for years, or even the rest of my life.  I actually think I could do that if it means feeling good and being healthy.

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