The Medical Medium Diet : Day 4

I can’t believe it!  I forgot to weigh myself this morning!     😦       Oh well . . . tomorrow.

Today, on top of what I did the first three days, celery juice, smoothies, fruit, nuts and seeds, I did a lot more reading in the book.  I still have a lot to learn about what other things I need to do to combat the Hashimoto’s disease and the Nerve pain, which may be Lyme’s disease, but according to Anthony William is probably the Epstein Barr virus.

The 28 day cleanse of eating only fresh, raw, fruits and vegetables is not exactly what I am going for.  I’m going for the “Gut Health” diet first, described in chapter 17, and adding in specific healing herbs and supplements suggested in the chapters on Hashimoto’s and Lyme’s diseases.

I’m finding that the amount of fruit may be too much sugar for my head because I get headaches if my food has too much fruit and not enough veggies, and nuts and seeds.  I’m also finding that I have very little appetite and am having to eat to live, not live to eat.  I eat so I can not be tired, but I really have no desire to eat, and the food on my menu is not something I crave.  Today, I even ate a plum sized piece of a yam, sliced up, to stave off my hunger, because I was sick of everything else I could eat.  It was good raw and made me better.  When I have just eaten, I usually feel a burst of energy and get some things done, then I wilt again and rest.

I bought blueberries, cilantro, parsley, avocado, and kale, which are going in my smoothie tomorrow.  There are so many things listed, I have to get a few new things each time I shop.  Actually, the author suggests to eat a variety of the listed foods and herbs, and not the same things day after day.

I chose to not take my Sertraline again today and I am still not having much nerve pain.  No more than I was when I was taking the Sertraline.

I am also being very careful to keep my attention in a very peaceful place within myself.  It feels like my attention/awareness/point of focus must remain deep in my core, which feels at about the belly, toward the spine, in order to stay calm and centered, not anxious.  I have also been using some meditation techniques taught in Tom Brown Jr.’s “Trackerschool”, and others taught in Karl Direske’s “Wilderness Fusion” classes, to help me stay balanced and centered as I attempt to help my body heal.  The balancing and centering meditations do help.  The book “Medical Medium” has a chapter on meditations too, but I have not read it yet.

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