The Medical Medium Diet : Day 1

After several false starts, I finished my first day on this new way of eating, described in the book “Medical Medium” by Anthony William.  I have been successful overcoming physical problems (Hashimoto’s disease) in the past, by eating right and taking herbs, with the help of a naturopath, and I believe I can do it again–hopefully with the help of the guidelines in this book, which are somewhat similar to what the naturopath had me doing.

You might ask, “Why did you stop eating right if it did you so much good?”  Well, it is easy to start eating things that taste good, but that are not good for me, once I feel better.  It took me three years to kick Hashimoto’s, and ten years to get it back again, as well as this new mysterious nerve disorder.

This morning I started with the glass of celery juice that Williams emphasizes.  This start to the day is supposed to provide the body with minerals and salts that help the stomach produce good digestive juices (I have to say, that even on the days I did not stick to the diet, that glass of celery juice made me feel great).  Then I had a couple bananas when I got hungry, and took my Sertraline for the nerve issue, and anxiety, that has become a big problem.  To do my best to stay on track I needed something simple I could reach for throughout the day, so I made a smoothie of three bananas, one apple, one pear, one small yellow summer squash, 1/3 bunch of asparagus, two carrots, a small handful of almonds, a smaller handful of walnuts, a handful of sesame seeds, and one grape size chunk of fresh ginger root.  I blended all that with water in my Vita Mix.  The idea here is to eat fresh raw fruits and veggies and the nuts and seeds are OK too, if raw.  This is like a cleanse but not a strict cleanse which would eliminate the nuts and seeds.  I also bought organic when I could, as Williams strongly recommended.

The smoothie filled four 16 ounce glasses, one of which I gave to my health food conscious niece.  The other three I sipped throughout the day whenever I got hungry.  I also ate an apple, another banana, and some more raw almonds when I got hungry.  The smoothie tasted very good compared to some of the healthy, mostly raw vegetable, smoothies I’ve made in the past.

I had my usual headache a couple times today, and felt very tired off and on.  The headache usually triggers me to eat comfort food, even though the comfort food often doesn’t help anyway.  I took a little rest for about an hour a couple times when I felt very tired.  I resisted the comfort food, like bread with butter and jam, or a milkshake, that I typically have been reaching for when I feel tired or hungry, and I ate only what I was allowed to eat according to “Medical Medium”.  I felt just as satisfied, though without the addictive, heart pounding, sugar rush.

I weighed 175 this morning.  I hope to lose 20 to 30 pounds, and kick this nerve and thyroid issue.  There are herbs I will start taking as I learn more about what to do.  I’m still reading the book.  I will keep you posted.

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