Nerve Pain and "Medical Medium" Book

I have been experiencing mysterious nerve pain for the past several years and it is getting worse.  I had an MRI done to rule out MS, and the results were normal.  The nerve pain seems to be triggered by events and happens immediately when I am under stress, so the neurologist said it is psychological and probably conversion disorder, which he said was a physical manifestation of stuffed emotions.

This seems to be true, and I am working on de-stressing my life in order to hopefully heal.  That is difficult for me to do because I thrive on lots of intense activity and I bounce from one project to another like a ping pong ball, and usually love it.  Well, not any more.  I have to limit my bouncing to what is most important to me, which is helping me stay more focused on what I really want to do.

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.  A friend suggested a book which I am guessing is controversial at least, but she says it describes my condition in the Lyme’s disease section, so I am going to try the protocol the author suggests and see if it works.  The protocol is based on fresh unprocessed foods and herbs which are geared to kill viruses rather than bacteria, and which support good bacteria in the gut.  I think it can only help to try it since all the doctors say I do not have Lyme’s disease anyway.  I will post again as I get into it more to let you know if following the protocol worked.

The name of the book is “Medical Medium” by Anthony William.

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