The Medical Medium Diet : Day 14

This morning I weighed 167.

I have been strictly following this diet for two weeks now.  I have lost 8 pounds, and I am beginning to feel a difference in my energy level.  The last 2 days I have been feeling stronger and have not had noticeable headaches.  I am encouraged!

I have searched out more of the herbs suggested in the chapters that pertain to my symptoms (which includes most of the chapters), so I have a large variety of helpful herbs and foods I am using.

Some herbs I am making into tea, like a combination of anise seeds, ginseng (Chinese and American), valerian, water hyssop, red clover, licorice root, cinnamon powder, and stevia leaf.  I have to say, this tea tastes delicious!

Some I am taking in capsule form, like ashwaganda, vitamin B12, herbal pumpkin, master gland formula, urinary maintenance, l-lysene, hydrangea, sage, CoQ10, VS-C, MSM, astragalus, magnesium, and rose hips.

For the most part, I am using Nature Sunshine products for the capsules, because I have them from working with a naturopath over ten ago.  I never got rid of the capsules.  Most of the herbs are old, but I believe in using them up before buying new.  The combination capsules, like urinary maintenance, for example, have herbs in them that are recommended by the book “Medical Medium”.  When I run out, I will get the herbs individually, possibly.

I am still eating the smoothies; as well as fruit — like raspberries, apples, apricots, and bananas, and supplementing with Brazil nuts and walnuts, all of which are recommended.  Sometimes I want other foods but I don’t crave them.  I limit myself to only the foods recommended in the book.

When I am resting my body feels like it is vibrating at a finer lever, and not at a gross level like I feel when I am sick.

I will post only occasionally about this from now on — especially when I feel I’ve made breakthroughs.  I intend to continue this way of eating for at least 40 days, and very probably longer.


Here’s a photo of the wildflower garden I planted earlier this spring. I came to find out that the orange flower, the California Poppy, is one of the things I’m supposed to be eating for this special diet I’m experimenting with from the book “medical medium.”  This book has chapters for each type of mysterious illness that many people suffer from. The California Poppy is one of the plants I will begin to utilize in this diet. First I have to study what part of the plant to use.

I am also planting other herbs that I will be eating regularly, like cilantro, which is supposed to help cleanse the body of heavy metals.

I have been occasionally using dandelions in my smoothies and today I just found out that the dandelion look-alike named cats ear is also edible.  That’s good news because it is much more prolific and then the true dandelion.

Camouflage Capture The Flag In the Dark Game

Who is that having so much fun?
You won’t see me tonight!

When I had a bunch of homeschool families over to play capture the flag in the dark, trackerschool style, I had fun demonstrating to the kids and adults how to use mud and oily charcoal to camouflage yourself for the game we were about to play.  ONE of the most fun parts of the night, for me, was the look on people’s faces when I dipped my hand into the coconut oil/charcoal mix and rubbed it across my face and shirt!  I should have gotten it in my hair too, that would have been even better.  I have to say, my face felt silky soft and smooth after I washed this mix off!

The BEST part of the night was, however, when one of the kids, a beaming boy of about 6, came up to me afterwards as we were cleaning up, and with a face as happy and shining as the sun, exclaimed to me with the utmost joy, his escapades of the evening!  His friend, who was about his same age, echoed every point, as he stood by adding his two cents when he could get a word in edgewise!  Unforgettable!

This past couple months, I was privileged to teach a group of 8 to 12 year olds at our homeschool group, Life Academy of Salem.  We had 9 enthusiastic students who loved learning to make fire with friction; a debris hut; cordage; a deadfall trap and a snare; hunting practice with bows and arrows (and a little pink stuffed bunny); making bowls with raku clay (and firing them in a campfire); awareness games; and hearing stories about my teacher, Tom Brown Jr. and his best friend Rick, as they learned from their mentor, an Apache Scout named Stalking Wolf.

I hope I get to share these fun skills, and more, again next school year!

The Medical Medium Diet : Day 6,7,and 8

Day 6 — I weighed 171 pounds

Day 7 — I weighed 169 pounds

Day 8 — I weighed 169 pounds again.

I may have shifted to the starvation mode because I know I am not eating many calories.  Makes me think how much food we eat that we don’t really “need”.  I am resting a lot, however, and maybe I am just not burning many calories.

We had a party yesterday, with extended family over, at our house, to celebrate a visit from my husband John.  Food was good and flowing . . . but I didn’t eat the regular fare . . . stuck to my smoothie and nuts.

I’ve been having headaches every day, which started May 7th and have continued.  May 7th was a week and a half before I started this diet.  I know the headaches were probably brought on my stress and me over doing it, and I have a history of headaches in my life, but the constancy of these every day, sometimes more than once a day, is what prompted me to get serious about trying the suggestions in “Medical Medium”.  Several chapters describe by symptoms, and I am beginning to think these mysterious illnesses: Hashimoto’s disease, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Hypoglycemia, Adrenal fatigue, Lyme’s disease, and others, are very similar.

I’ve been on the diet one week now, and I am still having headaches and am feeling exhausted off and on, between bursts of energy.  I intend to give the diet at least three months to see if I am starting to feel any better, though to be completely healed, I may have to continue the diet for years, or even the rest of my life.  I actually think I could do that if it means feeling good and being healthy.

The Medical Medium Diet : Day 5

As I mentioned before, I weighed 169 1/2 this morning.  Yay!

Today was a good one.  The usual food, but a new combination for the smoothie, which included some of the foods recommended for gut health: 1 regular avocado, 1 cup packed fresh cilantro, 1/2 cup packed fresh parsley, 2 cloves fresh garlic, 2 small yellow summer squash, 1/3 bunch asparagus, 1 small fuji apple, 1 cup blueberries, 1 banana, 2 Tablespoons fresh sage, and water.  This combination was a wonderful change from my usual bland smoothie.  It had a Mexican kick to it.  I also made tea from red clover blossoms, which is supposed to help remove toxic heavy metals from the body system; and licorice root, which is supposed to inhibit the movement and reproduction of viruses as well as kill EBV viruses in the thyroid and aid the adrenal glands.  It was mildly sweet and pleasant.

When I got home from church I took a nice long nap to get rid of my headache.  The nap felt wonderful and I got a good rest.  Getting back on the Sertraline helped with that.

The Medical Medium Diet : Day 4 1/2

Usually I write at night, after the day has gone by, to report.  But this morning I felt like writing.

This morning I weighed 169.5 pounds.  A loss of 1 1/2 pounds in the past two days.  🙂

Last night, after writing about Day 4, I was trying to go to sleep and my nerves were acting up, meaning, they were scintillating and tingling and doing their abnormal thing on much of my skin, especially face, head, hands, feet, arms, legs, torso . . . hmm, I guess my whole body.  My right side was also experiencing sore muscles in the quadriceps and the gluteus maximums muscles (which was new), though I had not done any exercising to cause soreness.  I took my Sertraline (generic for Zoloft) so I could get some sleep.  I don’t believe the earlier success  I had, of no nerve pain while not taking the Sertraline, was from a placebo effect, but probably more from the medicine still in my body.  I’m thinking the Sertraline just took a couple days to leave my system and stop helping.

This leads me to think that I am expecting way too much, way too soon.  In the book “Medical Medium” many of the success stories show the diet took 3 to 18 months or more to relieve the patient of the symptoms.  In my own past, when I kicked the Hashimoto’s symptoms and got the the point where my blood tests showed I was in the normal range for thyroid hormone levels and Hashimoto’s titers, I had been eating carefully and taking supporting herbs for three years.  So, I humbly retract my brashness and will stay the course until I am really well, using the needed Sertraline for now.

The Medical Medium Diet : Day 4

I can’t believe it!  I forgot to weigh myself this morning!     😦       Oh well . . . tomorrow.

Today, on top of what I did the first three days, celery juice, smoothies, fruit, nuts and seeds, I did a lot more reading in the book.  I still have a lot to learn about what other things I need to do to combat the Hashimoto’s disease and the Nerve pain, which may be Lyme’s disease, but according to Anthony William is probably the Epstein Barr virus.

The 28 day cleanse of eating only fresh, raw, fruits and vegetables is not exactly what I am going for.  I’m going for the “Gut Health” diet first, described in chapter 17, and adding in specific healing herbs and supplements suggested in the chapters on Hashimoto’s and Lyme’s diseases.

I’m finding that the amount of fruit may be too much sugar for my head because I get headaches if my food has too much fruit and not enough veggies, and nuts and seeds.  I’m also finding that I have very little appetite and am having to eat to live, not live to eat.  I eat so I can not be tired, but I really have no desire to eat, and the food on my menu is not something I crave.  Today, I even ate a plum sized piece of a yam, sliced up, to stave off my hunger, because I was sick of everything else I could eat.  It was good raw and made me better.  When I have just eaten, I usually feel a burst of energy and get some things done, then I wilt again and rest.

I bought blueberries, cilantro, parsley, avocado, and kale, which are going in my smoothie tomorrow.  There are so many things listed, I have to get a few new things each time I shop.  Actually, the author suggests to eat a variety of the listed foods and herbs, and not the same things day after day.

I chose to not take my Sertraline again today and I am still not having much nerve pain.  No more than I was when I was taking the Sertraline.

I am also being very careful to keep my attention in a very peaceful place within myself.  It feels like my attention/awareness/point of focus must remain deep in my core, which feels at about the belly, toward the spine, in order to stay calm and centered, not anxious.  I have also been using some meditation techniques taught in Tom Brown Jr.’s “Trackerschool”, and others taught in Karl Direske’s “Wilderness Fusion” classes, to help me stay balanced and centered as I attempt to help my body heal.  The balancing and centering meditations do help.  The book “Medical Medium” has a chapter on meditations too, but I have not read it yet.