Child Labor or Kids Having Fun?

This morning we asked the kids if they would rather work in their school workbooks or do some projects around the house with my daughter and I.  Unanimously they wanted to do projects.  We typically work on projects ourselves while the kids entertain themselves, but we thought, we are wasting a teaching opportunity!  So now that our appraisal deadline has gone by and we passed, we can slow down and include out little helpers in some of our finishing touches in the house.

  Finding studs, sanding rough spots, putting brackets on the wall, and helping hold boards while mom saws, all adds up to kids having fun when it’s a homeschool project.

House Renovations

New Bathroom Decor

Melanie and I spent the past 2 1/2 weeks renovating and updating things in her house. John and I are buying it as a home in Oregon.  We both learned a lot and, thanks to our good friend chocolate, we got it all done.

The mortgage company sent the appraiser to the house on Jan. 19th and was not OK with us leaving some things unfinished, like the bathrooms.  Melanie and I had thought it would be OK since we were the buyer and the seller, but the bank didn’t like it.  We had to finish things in order to get the loan.

Now that the work is done I can get on with the usual things I do in life: like taking care of kids, doing homeschool, creating art, and starting a business.