I’m so excited! I got 5 scarf orders this week!

Scarf Orders and Colors

          Last week while walking around running errands, I wore my colorful “Sunset” scarf and brought my color samples and was able to show my work to a few people.  There were some very nice people who loved my scarf.  That week, I got 5 orders for custom made scarves!!!!  When I deliver the scarves my clients love them and I have even gotten a reorder from one happy customer.  I am feeling very encouraged.  I have ordered pretty bags and boxes and tissue paper to wrap the elegant scarves in when I present them, to match how amazing and precious they are!
          While creating these colorful and cloud soft creations, my heart sings.  I am blissing out as I work.  This “work” feels like play!  And, yes, I still need to be profitable, but I can enjoy it can’t I?  Plus, the feeling I have making the scarves must also affect how the scarves feel to my client!
          My daughter Melissa is helping me navigate my way through the technical side of blogging and so forth, though she is an artist herself.  She has had a lot of experience in web design, as she used to be a professional wedding photographer, but now she is following her heart and has begin oil painting.  I will benefit from her expertise, and soon she and I will produce something wonderful for my fledgling little business.
          These photos are of some of the color combinations I base my designs on, and then I add in more of the individual colors in the blends to make the design my own.  The white streaks are strands of silk that shine and make the whole scarf look so elegant.  These are the colors mixes I am using as basis for the scarves, then we can add some specific matching colors to create something unique. 

See all these gorgeous colors!!!  The time I spend ordering colors in the gorgeous merino wool and silk makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop!












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